Herb and Spice Chart

Ever wonder what dishes all those spices and herbs go in? Thanks to my dear friend, Bea Kunz of Sage Hill Farms for sharing this wonderful chart! I encourage you to experiment with your herbs and spices. Experimenting is what makes cooking such a joy and stress reliever. You will create unique dishes so delicious, that your family and friends will beg for more.

Allspice:            Stews, peaches, apple dishes, and tomatoes
Anise:                Baked Goods, fruits, and some vegetables
Basil:                 Tomatoes, fish, lamb, and soups
Bay Leaf:          Stocks, stews, soups, chicken, and tuna
Cardamom:     Baking, and good cinnamon substitute
Chervil:             Asparagus, eggplant, mushrooms, fish, and poultry
Chives:              Eggs, salads, baked potatoes, and soups
Cinnamon:       Baked goods, rice pudding, coffee, and Mexican food
Clove:                Sweet baking, sweet potatoes, apples, and hot teas
Coriander:        Indian and curried foods, rice pilaf, and chicken
Cumin:              Chili, curries, brown rice, and black beans
Dill:                   Fish, eggs, potatoes, pasta salads and squash
Fennel:             Seafood, pork, squash, beets, and pasta sauces.
Ginger:             Winter fruits, Oriental dishes, carrots, and hot teas
Marjoram:       (oregano substitute) Vegetable soups, fish, poultry, and most meats
Mint:                 Roast lamb, hot/cold teas, fruit dishes and salads
Nutmeg:           Spinach, sweet potatoes, squash, cream soups, and baked goods
Oregano:           Tomato dishes, vegetable juices, broiled fish, and Greek dishes
Parsley:             Eggs, meats, fish, and cream cheese
Paprika:            Egg salad, pasta salad, fish, and Cajun cooking
Rosemary:        Lamb, beef, roasted potatoes, grilled foods, eggplant, and tomatoes
Sage:                  Pork, stuffing, squash, cornbread, and stewed peaches
Tarragon:         Eggs, chicken, crab, mushrooms, herb vinegars, and French sauces
Thyme:             Chowders, soups, stews, stuffing, meatloaf, cheese and grilled food

Spice and Herb chart courtesy of Bea Kunz of:


Herb And Spice Chart
Herb And Spice Chart

Herb And Spice Chart

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